Can we stay together?

Can the clock just disappear?

Can reality stand still?

Can our words release our fear?

Can we move without a change?

Can our growth still keep us safe?

Can we progress all alone,

While our love remains the same?

Can we take back the goodbye,

That our silence wrote in fate?

Can we retrace all the lies?

Or is the truth too late?

And until our world meets end

Can we play magic like the kids?

Rewriting all the turns,

That brought the end of this?


Only Us

I sat in the grass

It grounded my emotions

As the music entranced me

In my mind you were before me

And everything was okay

But as I blinked you vanished

Deep into a melody

I wanted to find you

I wanted to tell you

It was only us in that park

But I just stared at my phone

And let our little talks pass me by

As the final song began to play

I stood up in a rush

Searching the crowd

For I knew

I had run out of time

The Rabbit Hole

Dancing through our pleasantries

There’s much I dare not say

Like all the times we buried love

In memories far away

Walking through the twinkle lights

Of forests in my mind

I kneel to pay my respects

To the dreams that we let die

And then I find acceptance

In my ever restless heart

Knowing that one of the worst regrets

Is a love that didn’t start

The Aftermath

I close my eyes

I take a breathe

I’m overwhelmed

There’s nothing left

The choices made

Were never right

Different people

The same old life

Now aftermath

Affects us all

We turn our backs

Ignore our faults

But each of us

All know the truth

And every day

There’s more to lose

Dear Muse

You wrap me in your arms Dear Muse

You do not let me rest

“There is work here to be done,” you say,

“And this is not your best.”

You throw me to the fire Dear Muse

You know I’m so much more

Then tired eyes and broken hearts

And feelings gone ignored

And when I say goodbye Dear Muse

You simply say hello

For you know that I’m in love with you

And cannot let you go

And so I’ll close my eyes Dear Muse

In hopes you’ll do the same

For the moments I am next to you

I’m no longer in pain

The Rook

You’re here, you’re there

Within my reach

You’re gone, your back

I’m feeling weak

You’re kind, you’re mean

You talk just right

You’re hot, you’re cold

I’m losing sight

You’re bright, you’re dark

You care so much

You know that I

Am losing touch

And when you see

My pieces fall

You pass me and

Forget it all


And as the night cascades the grass, my thoughts fill with unease. For nothing in my heart is safe, not even in my sleep.


Do you remember the days I begged you?

The ones I pleaded you to stay?

The ones you dove into distraction?

The kind that took you far away?

Do you remember when I told you

We were running out of time?

That the person I was becoming

Was broken and unkind?

And to all the nights I cried

When you chose to be so cruel

I was going through my worst

And I couldn’t talk to you

And now you’re shocked that I’m not mourning

The fact that we are not okay

But when I lost the strength to beg you

I also lost the strength to stay


It was a self-imposed suffering

A wishing for what was not

In a daydream I had forgotten

I lived a fairytale thought

Reality couldn’t fool me

It was nothing to compare

A connection with no ending

I was here but never there

And so I loved my tears

For they would never leave

And when I closed my eyes

In the shade I still believed

Cause no matter where I went

Despite the beauty that I’d see

The only thing I wanted

Was you standing next to me