It’s not enough to mean

Something to someone is it?

I want you to crave me

I want you to take me

I want you to taste me

And when you’re done

I want you to rest your mind

And then discover me once again

Finding new ways to make me scream

I tend to think of myself as selfless

Always putting others first

But when I look at you

All I see is my deep greed

And my desperate need

To be freed by your hands

And can you really

Blame me Darling?

You just have the right key

“Tell me that you’ll save my number. That one day our paths will cross again. I can’t handle a goodbye. Just lie to me,” I said.

“I haven’t gone anywhere,” you replied.

But that just wasn’t true.

And I guess I had no right to be mad at you for saying it.

I asked you to lie, after all.


A dream pulled you

Into my mind last night

I was doing fine

And then there you were

Right before my tired eyes


I could see you again


I could feel you again

Your reminder screaming at me

From the shadows of every turn

It’s as if the sight of your face

Sparked our energetic bond

All over again

And now,

I can’t help but wonder

If you dreamt of me too


Like a good song

I’ll play someone

Over and over

In my mind

Defining every word

That creates them

Tasting every color

That makes them

Until I’m finally

Brought to the edge

Of my madness

Satisfaction the only cure

For my sadness

The only problem that

I seem to have is

I just can’t get enough of you


I’ve never been one for hypnosis

Something about releasing control

To another person terrifies me

But when you ask me to close my eyes

And follow your voice in my dreams

I comply before you even finish the sentence

Ravage me Baby

And ruin me maybe

I don’t care what happens to this body

And perhaps that was the whole problem


Your touch echos in my soul

Reaching deep into the places

That I pretend don’t exist

Like a sound I can’t stop hearing

And an energy bound by feeling

You come unnamed and unarmed

To put an end to all my cravings

And though I don’t need saving

I’d gladly lay down my guard for you

You’re a hologram,

Just out of my reach.

A sweet figment,

Of my imagination.

A mirage of all,

My secret birthday wishes.

A video set to expire

At midnight tonight.

You simply aren’t real.

So tell me,

How is it then,

That I can taste you

On my lips?


A broken promise

Another one to add to the collection

One by one

Until it all feels the same

My mind covered

By a blanket

In the comfort of blame

With letters in a row

And words that I know

All too well

I sit back to see

What lie you will tell

In pursuit of

Your next









I worry that I am just like him now

Filling in my empty spaces with the energy from others

Spaces that I am not even in

All so I can avoid the pain of rejection

And the weight of a life lived with people like him